WalksFinder Android App

Click here to download the WalksFinder app

As an alternative to the using this web site to list our group's up and coming rambles, this app is provided to quickly list forthcoming walks on any Android phone or tablet.

NOTE At some time in the next few months, the Ramblers will be changing the way their Walksfinder web site provides its information. This will almost certainly stop this app from working until a new version can be provided, and installed on your phone. It is provided now anyway on an experimental basis.
(Sorry, but the app is only available for Android. This is because it is an "open" operating system that allows anybody easy access to create apps. Our group have no plans at the present time to attempt to develop an equivalent app for iPhone.)

If you have any problems using this app, or wish to comment, the best way is to leave a message on our Facebook page.

To use the app on your Android device, follow these steps:
1. Open this page from your phone / tablet, and click the link above to download.
2. Install the downloaded file. Your phone / tablet should complain that the app has not been downloaded from the Google Play Store. Therefore it has not been checked for problems by Google. You will need to adjust your settings to allow it to be installed. (Hopefully the app can be provided on Google Store eventually, but at this time it is provided, as stated above, on an experimental basis.) It would be advisable to return the settings afterwards, for security. Only install the app if you trust us!
3. Start up the app on your phone. The first screen allows you to select the type of walks you want to search for:

You can simply select a group from the Group list. (There are over 560 groups so its quite a long list). To show Cardiff group's next 20 walks just select Cardiff and click "Find Walks".
Alternatively, select an area. You can just select Glamorgan Area and find walks for all groups in Glamorgan.
Or, having chosen an area, the group selection now only lists groups in that area, so there is much less scrolling down to the one you want.
- You can limit the selection to certain days - just list the days you want. E.g. enter "Sundays" if you are only interested in Sunday walks. Enter "Saturday, Sunday" if either day of the weekend is OK. Leave blank for walks on any day of the week.
- Enter the range of distances you are interested in. E.g enter "0-5" if you want anything up to five miles. Enter "8-20" if you want the longer walks, etc.
Optionally, to save your preferences, click "Save Choices", and they will automatically be loaded next time you start the app.
Tap the "Find Walks" button, to show a list of walks coming up, according to your selections:
Having clicked the "Find Walks" button, you will get a scrolling list of up to twenty walks, according to your choices. These give the date, time and length of the walks.

For further details click the entry, and it will take you to the Ramblers' Group Walks Finder website entry for the walk.