WALK 2: Wenvoe Circular

Maps: Landranger 171 Pathfinder 1165 Start Point GR 123726

An 8 kilometre (5 miles), easy to moderate walk from the village of Wenvoe, 8 kilometres west of Cardiff taking in agricultural land, a disused railway, woodlands and a golf course. The walk route was improved and new stiles and waymarking provided throughout by South Glamorgan County Council in 1995.

Getting there from Cardiff.

by bus: from Central Station, services 353 or 354. Call 01222 396521 for times.

by car: A4161 through Canton and Ely, A48 to Culverhouse Cross then A4050 to Wenvoe village. Park near St. Mary's Church or at the Wenvoe Arms public house, but seek permission from landlord beforehand.

Walk north up main street past shops and turn right into Station Road West (the station went 40 years ago). Walk over the main road (Port Road) via the footbridge, then continue up Station Road East for 100 metres. After "Springfield" bungalow turn left onto a path leading to a visible gate, next to which is a ladder stile. Go over the stile and walk diagonally right to a small copse in 40 metres. Then follow hedge to right for 100 metres to reach a stile in the hedge/wall. Cross stile and with hedge to the right walk 250 metres to stile ahead. After crossing this stile go through a gate to the right leading to a bridge over a disused railway.

At the end of the bridge continue into the field ahead and then bear left (north-east) to reach a gap in the corner of a hedge. Going through the gap aim for a stile ahead in 150 metres. The stile leads onto the road near Alps Farm. Turn right and walk south-east along the road for 800 metres to road junction (good rural views towards Wenvoe and Barry). Immediately beyond the road junction look for a stile near electricity grid pylon.

Over the stile and walk up the rise to another stile in 100 metres. From this stile follow the left hand hedge at the edge of a wood to reach another stile in left hedge in 100 metres. Go over the stile and, with hedge to right, walk to second stile on right and re-enter the field. To your left another stile leads into a wood with a clear narrow path descending to another stile which exits from the wood into a meadow. Aim ahead for the wide track (The Lawns) at right angles to the path from the wood. At the track turn right and walk south-east for 2 kilometres to the outskirts of the village of Michaelstone Le Pit. (in 500 metres the walk may be shortened by a half by turning right at another wide track going uphill. This takes you to Wrinstone Farm and a waymarked route across fields back to Wenvoe).

Continuing the full walk, look for a weir and pool ("Salmon Leaps"), on the right, opposite a cottage, in about 800 metres. At the end of the pool turn right at gate and stile to cross stream on bridge to reach a wide track going south. Follow the track between cultivated fields via 3 stiles/gates into a wooded cwm (Cwm George). Walk through and out of the cwm in 450 metres via a kissing gate. Just beyond the kissing gate turn right over a stile and then in 30 metres over another stile, ascend path through a copse to the edge of Dinas Powys golf course. (The way described over the course is a public right of way throughout). After the stile at the edge of the golf course turn left and follow the hedge around to reach the clubhouse on the left.

Follow waymarks for 40 metres at the clubhouse towards houses ahead. Then turn right and walk for 800 metres north-west following waymarks to a wide ascending track which leads to a gate and a road (One O'Clock Gate). Turn right and follow the quiet road for about 2 kilometres to Beauville Farm. At the farm take the stoney track descending slightly right outside the farmyard wall.

Follow this winding track for 400 metres to reach Wrinstone House on the right, immediately after passing over a metal bridge across a stream. Pass the house and ascend to Wrinstone Farm in 40 metres on the left. Go through the farmyard with the farmhouse front to the right and look for a gate in the farthest right corner. Go through the gate into a field with 2 electricity lines crossing in parallel. Aim right for 2 adjacent sets of electricity poles and thence to the nearby hedge. With the hedge to the right look for a gate ahead. Through gate and bear right through visible stile opposite. Cross this stile and then 2 more in close proximity which leads to the disused railway crossed earlier.

Look ahead for footbridge and stile which leads to another stile 40 metres ahead. Then follow a clear wide track with a hedge to left to another stile in the left hand corner of the field. Yet another stile awaits in 15 metres.

Immediately after this stile took for a wide gap in the left hedge with a footbridge. Go through the gap and turn right to follow stream on right for 150 metres to reach a stile to the right in the fence. Cross the stile and a footbridge in front of water culverts. Cross the second stile at the opposite end of the footbridge and turn immediately left over a (final) stile to pass through tunnel under the main road into a housing estate (Venwood Close).

Walk directly out to T-junction with main village street and turn left to return to the Wenvoe Arms or St. Mary's Church on the right.

Norman Slater

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