Getting there from Cardiff:
by bus: from Central Station, Services 63, 63A or 64 to either Heol y Delyn or Llwynypia Road. Then walk back some 200 metres to Church Road.

by train: to Lisvane Station by Rhymney Valley line then turn left along Station Road for about 1 kilometre to the junction with Church Road.

by car. Take A469 from Gabalfa interchange then turn right at Thornhill roundabout, signposted "Lisvane", follow Ty Glas Road through Llanishen, then onto Station Road to Lisvane village. At signpost turn left into Church Road, the Griffin Inn is on the left. Be sure to ask for permission to park your car.

From the Griffin Inn go down Church Road, turn left into St. Mellon's road and by the speed limit sign go left through a kissing gate. Keeping along right hand edge go across small park to another kissing gate. Bear left across a field, through gap in hedge/trees towards a cottage, Brook cottage, and a stile. Turn left into lane, then, after about 40 metres, right through metal kissing gate onto sign-posted public footpath. Keeping the stream on your right for about 200 metres go through field to another kissing-gate to emerge onto the Rudry road. Turn right, go under the motorway and after 70/80 metres turn left into road and pass the entrance to "The Hollies". Turn right onto the waymarked footpath to go up, with the hedge on your right, over 2 stiles and through 2 fields, all still clearly waymarked. After the second stile the hedge will be on your left as you make your way to yet another stile/gate. Over/through and now straight through the middle of the field to the gate/stile ahead. This leads into a lane, soon winding to the left and for about 300 metres, until with a large farm on your left, you turn into a country road.

This is Springmeadow, and from here you get extensive views south over Cardiff to the Bristol Channel.

Go left uphill, as the road bends to the left and levels out, for about 500 metres. Then at a T-junction go left down the hill, in another 500 metres past the Ty Mawr Inn until you reach the motorway bridge.

Just before the motorway bridge take a left turn onto a metalled, wide track and in about 50 metres turn right off the track and look for hidden, but waymarked, stile which takes you through a small field with horse jumps in it. Then over another stile and bridge over small stream and though 2 fields. In the second field the still waymarked path starts to veer left away from the motorway and towards a stile. Over then left again to a clearly seen, and usually open, field gate. Through gate and keeping hedge on your right make for a soon clearly marked stile in that right hand hedge. This stile leads you into a kind of ditch and you climb out by going over a second stile 10 metres away and immediately in front of you.

Once over this stile you make for a line of trees with some scrub in front of them about 120 metres away and in the left half of the field in front of you. The stile is well hidden, you may have to seek carefully. Over this stile and make for the next which is in the far right hand corner of the field. If you follow the line of the hedge on your right you won't miss the stile. Over this and keeping the hedge on your immediate left make your way down to the M4. Half way down this field you turn at right angles to the left, over a non-waymarked, but easily seen stile. With the wire fence to your left, and the "Hollies" in clear view on your left, cross to the next stile in about 40 metres. Cross the drive and immediately through a gate; (as you go through the gate, a metre or two away, on the right, can be seen the stile which is now blocked by a high laurel hedge). "The Hollies" has an attractive landscaped lake and garden, clearly seen to the left as you pass through this gate. Diagonally down and across the field towards a white house, through the gate. to the right of the house, "Brookside", and out on the Rudry road.

Over the waymarked stile opposite and take the footpath directly across the field. Through 3 fields, using 3 gates and over a stile. Through field to gate then cross a track below a new house. Over 2 adjacent stiles, the first of which is waymarked, and then go down to the far side of field. Out through gate, turn left into the lane and then right into a private road opposite a picturesque thatched cottage.

This road takes you under the motorway, then immediately go left, through a gate to another gate 30 metres ahead. Head for the centre of the far side of the field, through the trees to stepping stones over a stream. Over 2 stiles, in close proximity, up the short rise to a third, rickety, stile and then follow left edge of field to right of a large modern house, "Malthouse Farm". Through 3 gates, turn left in the lane then immediately right through gate, over broken stile and follow line of top hedge round to the right where a stile will bring you out in the corner to St. Mellon's road.

Turn right and follow road down for 400 metres, take care as the road can be very busy. Take footpath to the left, fingerposted, go diagonally across the field, slightly to the left of the largest tree. Over a stile, into unmetalled lane, left round cottage, "Pant Teg", to another stile. Then bear sharp left in field to a bridge over a stream, then immediately over a stile, bearing right to head back towards "Maerdy Farm". Go through farmyard and follow the track back to Lisvane.  

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