Getting there from Cardiff:
by bus: Services 61A, 62, 62B and C, 65, 65B and C. Get off at terminus in St. Mellons and find your way to Tyr Winch Road.
by car: east out of Cardiff on the old A48, Newport Road to St. Mellons. Tyr Winch Road goes off to the left just before the centre of the village.

Much of this walk is along roads, most of which are private or minor, but nonetheless the walk is muddy in parts and stout shoes should be worn.

From the bus stop in the middle of St. Mellons village proceed along Tyr Winch Road (between public houses). Cross bridge over main road and turn right at road fork into Druidstone Road, sign posted "Bassaleg 4". Follow road. past houses, for about one kilometre. At the end of this stretch you will have some very nice views over the Bristol Channel to the right. Turn right at speed limit derestriction signs, through gate. With the hedge on your left descend to climb over second gate, then turn left immediately to climb over a third gate. Keeping the hedge on the right walk parallel to the motorway. Go through fourth gate, passing above and to the left of Tyla Farm and then through a fifth gate. Turn right in corner of next field and then immediately left. Cross field towards buildings seen in lane ahead. At hedge cross fence into lane.

At lane turn left and continue past cottage and Pant Farm to road junction. Turn right and follow road over M4 motorway. Take left fork in road, ignoring right turn to Bassaleg and proceed to Michaeistone y Fedw. Once in the village keep Cefn Mably Arms on your left, ignoring left turning to St. Mellons, and, immediately before old school, and opposite the church, turn right by fingerpost and up the drive of the end house of 3 or 4 large, new properties. Through the garden gate, remembering to close it after you, down the garden and through another gate. Then over stile immediately in front of you. Keeping hedge on right, cross field bearing slightly left to gate. Through gate and with hedge on left, proceed to a gate on your left. Through this gate and cross field towards pylon, passing house and duck pond on your right. At pylon bear left towards a timber house and to the left of this house and its garden go under some trees, past some bramble and descend path, keeping fir tree hedge to right, to a stile in the bottom right hand corner of the field. Over stile, turn left then right onto road. Down road through village then fork left (to Machen and Caerphilly), and cross river at bridge. Turn left at top of hill and pass Bridge Farm on right. Follow drive/track for about 2 kilornetres, passing 2 lots of barns on your left. At track fork go left, away from trees and with water on your right. Make for cottages ahead (Ty Treherne) and follow lane towards gate into road.

At road turn right and in about 50 metres bear left along public footpath at entrance to Cefn Mably Hospital. Walk up driveway for about 400 metres. Near bottom of ascent bear left through gate into lane. Continue through second gate and pass lodge on right. Proceed, keeping cattle pen on your left, through third gate and cross stile in about 50 metres. You will see a large expanse of commercial glasshouses to your left.

Keep on path across field towards the M4 motorway and tall trees about 200 metres ahead, passing trees on left. Just beyond the trees over a stile and still heading for the M4 along a path through small wood with the river down on your left. At the time of writing this path is partially blocked by a fallen tree. Immediately before the motorway you will join a lane which goes under the M4 with the river on your left.

After crossing under motorway, bear right, then left along lane, up to gate. Through gate and keeping buildings on your left, ("The Granary") go into lane. Follow lane for about 300 metres to road junction just before and under the M4. At road turn left and follow road for about 1500 metres down across river bridge and up to T junction. Turn right into Tyr Winch Road and follow road to St. Mellons village. Cross main road to bus stop.

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