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While children and families are welcome on all of our walks, we usually have one family-friendly ramble every month. This page shows a selection of photos from some of our past events.

Our leaders are all experienced walkers who have volunteered to take part in these family orientated events.
Please note the following points to ensure your safety and enjoyment:
  • Everyone under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult, such as a parent, guardian, teacher or youth worker
  • Parents are responsible for the welfare and behaviour of their children at all times
  • There is no need for expensive footwear. Flat lace up shoes, trainers or wellies are fine but they may get wet and muddy! Please wrap up warm and bring a waterproof coat just in case
  • As we usually find time for a picnic on our walks do bring a snack and most importantly sufficient to drink
  • Parental consent is needed for children accompanied by another adult (forms available from the co-ordinator, Kathryn).
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March 2017

Kite flying, Caerphilly Mountain

May 2015

Forest farm teddy bears' picnic

1. Not a teddy but an Owl

2. Playing Pooh Sticks

3. Perfect reflections from Forest Farm Industrial Estate building

4. Watching duckling

5. Freedom to run!

March 2015

Newport Wetlands 2015

1.Looking for bugs

2.Waiting with broccolli to go into the hide

3.Watching a brave robin

4.A quiet moment

5.Budding ornothologists

August 2014

One very determind lady's quest to get to the top of Pen y Fan one more time......

1. On the way up

2. Nearly there

3. At the top

4. Back down again and a certificate to prove it!

March 2014

Our youngest members wrapped up and searching for wild life in the Newport Wetlands on the 2nd March.

October 2013

We had quite a crowd out last month for our family friendly walk. A ranger from Forest Farm took us to see the old water mill then around the nature reserve pointing out life on the canal and much more. We looked at the birds from the hide and then we all went back for a cup of tea at the farm.

April 2013

Here we are on top of it all on the Garth mountain overlooking the Taff valley and the whole of Cardiff. Ben who proudly speaks welsh is in the front and has just had a new baby brother -----'Llongyfarchiadau' Ben and 'da iawn' to everyone!

January 2013

This is Alfie who is eight months old the youngest ever to join us with Dad Chris. There were children from Alfie's age to Tobias who was fourteen. We had all the joys of playing, climbing and sliding in the snow.

December 2012

Newport Wetlands RSPB site. Taken next to the lighthouse with the Bristol Channel and the two islands of Steepholm and Flatholm in the background.

January 2012

more below....

Sitting on the dragon's head at the castle in January

August 2011

This is our crowd on top of Twyn y Gaer near the Mountain Centre in August flying kites. The wind was good to us on that day and Thomas, shown here with his Dad, liked this kite the best.! Join us on 11th September when we will be conquering the peak- Pen y Fan! Can you walk backwards uphill ? Find out!

July 2011

Here are Jess and Abby enjoying a lolly prize after success in the Treasure Hunt at Dunraven Castle.

May 2011

How lucky we were with finds on our family walk in May----- in total five devil's toenails and one ammonite with several shell impressions! It was good that the tide was low because most of the finds were on the lower beach area. Lewis' dog Mott snuffled for ever but didn't come up with anything!

March 2011

Here are Rhys and Eleri climbing over a stile at New House Farm in Thornhill on Saturday. The sun shone and we counted about fifty baby lambs playing in the fields. Signs of Spring were everywhere with celandines, wood anemones and violets in the hedgerow. Josh slid down a very very steep slope on his bottom. His Mum was not too pleased -----but that's Josh you!

December 2010

and 2 elves

Christmas with the ramblers at Castell Coch

November 2010

It was a fine day last Sunday at Garw Nant the Forestry Commission centre in the Brecon Beacons. We walked about three miles amid brown larches that were losing their needles and green spruces that were keeping theirs for the whole winter. We found some strange animals along the way in the sculpture park--------see the photos. Climbing up to Pen y fan earlier in the year was really exciting because the mist came down and the wind came up! We made it up to the bwlch (saddle) but then carefully made our way down to the sun at Storey Arms!

August 2010

High up on the Garth Mountain we stopped for a while on the grass beyond the bracken near the trig point and Wyn gave us all compasses. It was great fun learning to use them. It was amazingly easy once we knew how! We walked north, south, east and west lots of times and on the way back to Pentrych we all set our compasses at 200 degrees. That's a little bit west of south which is 180 degrees. Chloe said she's off to the Sahara next! Join us next month September 5th when we are climbing Pen y fan the highest mountain in South Wales.

May 2010

April / June 2010

At Cosmeston in April it was the boys who wanted to orienteer around the lake. So maps in hand off they went while the rest nature trailed the fields and hedgerows. In May the donkeys led the way on the Amelia Trust Farm walk. We saw all the animals and learnt about how they were kept and what they ate. Do see our video of the day! There were so many of us! At beautiful Southerndown in June we loved the orienteering/treasure hunt in the garden of Dunraven Castle and the walk back along the cliffs was stunning.

March 2010

Garwnant was unfortunately not ready for us after the hard winter but what a treat it was to meet up at Cyfartha Castle. Apparently there are nine miles of trails in the park so plenty of room for us to walk, run and jump. We met with loads of frog spawn in the ponds and in the grass around. So watched closely by many bulging froggy eyes peering at us from the water's surface we examined the jelly covered eggs floating around the edge. Later on. it was the girls who found the climbing tree and Amy and Chloe nearly reached the top!
There was an excellent museum in the Castle that many of the families visited-----after the walk and ice cream of course!

February 2010

The sun shone on us at the new RSPB Centre in the Newport Wetlands where the land goes down to the sea and the birds gather in their thousands. We identified many species coming in off the channel and in the ponds, Lauren ( in the picture) saw lots of coots through her binoculars while Josh and Connor went jumping on the bouncy bridge!

January 2010

Our wish came true for the January walk. Snow and ice covered the ground and with mitts, hats and strong boots we fought our way slipping and sliding up the steep wooded slopes around the Castle. Crisp air, red noses and sunshine were all part of the day's experiences.

December 2009

The historic fields around St Fagans was the venue for our pre Christmas walk. We ventured our way across steams and through mud to the battlefield of 1648 where brandishing silver cardboard swords all the boys decided to be Roundheads while all the girls were the Cavaliers (something to do with length of hair!)! Fighting and fun followed.

November 2009

We hid in the hide and and were very quiet and then we saw a green woodpecker in the trees across the pond. Someone said there was a blue kingfisher also but it must have flashed by too quickly for most of us. We collected lots of leaves, twigs, conkers and many other interesting stuff we found on the ground. We put them in our bags and took them home. Chloe said she was going to do a big collage with all her different things and maybe take it to school to show. We walked along the canal and in the picture Marie is telling us how locks work. On our next walk in St Fagans we are going to have a drama enactment not with real swords but maybe with rubber ones!

October 2009

The first walk of our winter programme was at The Knap in Barry and along the beach to Porthkerry Country Park. Claire started off by showing us a fossil called Gryphaea or Devils Toe Nail that she had found on the beach last year so we looked and looked and clambered and clambered and got wet feet and found some great ammonites but no toe nails! We counted at least one hundred and twenty six golden steps and we saw lots of aeroplanes coming in to land at Cardiff airport.

September 2009

We climbed Pen y fan the highest mountain in South Wales in no time at all! Josh was out in front until we reached the cloud coming down and then we slowed a little. We saw fantastic views down into the valley with green fields and lakes stretching out before us, On the top we put stones on the cairn for luck and to make the mountain even higher! Chloe's feet hurt coming down but she was soon all smiles when she received her certificate of achievment from Frances. It was the first time she had ever climbed so high. Well done to all!

September 2009

The September sun shone on over thirty of us as we made our way to the Barrage. Caitlin brought her bike just in case it was too far---like a pushchair only you push yourself! Did she make it all the way or did the playground entice her to settle for sand and swings? Most of us resisted and saw the Barrage working and the boats going through and out to sea. We waved as the little train passed us. No thank you we said ----we can walk!

August 2009

The cloud was down and the wind was up so Pen y Fan was out! We all piled into our cars and drove around to the National Park Visitors Centre at Libanus near Brecon to put plan B into action. We climbed the steep slopes of Twyn y Gaer to the white trig point at the top overlooking the Usk valley. Then we great had fun sliding down the wet grass all through our picnic lunch!

July 2009

The great expanse of sand dunes in Merthyr Mawr was the venue of our Family walk in July. Running and jumping, slipping and sliding we headed for the sea. The flowers at this time of year are magnificent but the competitive raced each other up and down the steep slopes and the artistic etched pictures on the smooth wind blown surfaces.We heard the sea on the beach before we saw it and then--- there it was the expanse of sand that is the beach at Merthyr Mawr. After lunch we had extra excitment climbing 'The Big Dipper' which is the highest sand dune in the UK and the second highest in Europe!

June 2009

On a hot sunny day our June walk was from Castell Coch the fairytale castle in the woods where we climbed up the steep paths to the lair of the giant spider and the dragon.Someone left their foot behind in the dragon's mouth but all seemed to run fast enough when gold was discovered in the wooden chest. We ate our sandwiches overlooking the Taff valley before descending back to the castle.

May 2009

The rain came and there we were sloshing about in puddles like the lucky ducks following the donkeys around the farm. Enoch was the slowest one and we could all walk faster than him! Through the gates and across the fields to the pond. What were those black squiggly things in the water? Connor said they were tadpoles and Mari said they were called penbwl in welsh. We were off again into the woods climbing and sliding in the mud until at last we were in the cafe noses glowing having our rewards of hot drinks and goodie bags.

April 2009

We all had good fun at our special family event day at Cosmeston on Sunday April 26th with little and big legs being stretched around the lake and in the wilder parts of the park. Ducks were fed, wild flowers observed and sticks collected. The goodie bags were such a success that it has been decided to give them out on all the family walks this Summer. Our next walk at the Amelia Trust Farm on Sunday May 17th will have ponies accompanying us on some of our trails and lots of other animals to see. There will be woods to go through, stiles to get over, a hill to climb and fields to cross. Ring Kathryn on 02920 562703 for more information.