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The following questions are often asked by people who are thinking of joining us for a walk.

How can I contact you?
Sadly, we have had to remove the email address from this web site, due to the amount of spam that drowns out the genuine messages. You can, however, leave a message on our Facebook page. If you want to get in touch, the best way is to come out on a walk (see the programme page) and talk in more pleasant surroundings.

Must I register? / Do you charge?

What if I'm not a member?
Non-members are welcome on our walks - we don't check membership cards. The Ramblers' Association is a registered charity, and one of its objectives is to promote walking, so every member of the public means we are succeeding in our aims.
We do expect you to join if you take part regularly.

How can I join?
See the Ramblers Association site which includes an on-line membership application form. Also see here for the benefits of membership.

Please will you send me a programme?
The cost of postage prevents us from mailing out a programme to everyone who asks. The programme page is usually up to date.

Where do you meet?
At weekends usually outside the Sherman Theatre in Senghenydd Road. (unless it says "meet at ...")
On Wednesdays at the rear of the Ararat Centre, Whitchurch Common.
Thurday evenings (summer only) meet at the stated location.
If in any doubt please ring the telephone number given

How long is 4 miles?
(Yes, we have been asked) Probably longer than you think. A bit less than the distance from Cardiff Castle to the M4 at Coryton (or to Culverhouse Cross, or to the Bluebell Inn in Old St Mellons). But in pleasant country surroundings and good company you won't notice the distance.

How long will the walk take?
Forget Naismith's Rule - we average about two miles per hour. But add extra time to drive to the starting point and back.

I don't have any transport
We share cars from the meeting point (see above), so as long as you can get there you will be OK. Whitchurch has a good bus service. The Sherman Theatre is near the town centre. You may have difficulties on a Sunday, but we can only do our best!

What equipment do I need?
That depends on the type of walk and the weather conditions. Comfortable boots are the most important, but clothing to suit the (often changeable) British weather as well. If you are really not sure, start with a short walk, and talk to a few other walkers - you will soon get the idea.
For a two mile stroll on a nice summer's day probably nothing more than a comfortable pair of trainers or walking shoes that you don't mind getting muddy. For a sixteen mile hike in the Brecon Beacons in the winter rain you should not come out at all unless you have the experience to know what you need.

I won't know anyone - will I be welcome?
Probably most of the regular members on a walk won't know everyone else at the start - but they always do by the end! With over a hundred walks through the summer, probably even our keenest walkers don't go on half of the walks, so don't expect to meet people you know, even if you come out a lot. At one national event, one of our members asked a stranger if he walked with the Ramblers often. The reply - "I'm the president of the Ramblers' Association". You just never know.

What else do I need to know?
If the walk starts in the morning (unless it's very short) bring a packed lunch. Bring a drink anyway. Arrive in good time - we don't hang around! If meeting at the walk starting point then arrive early enough to change into walking boots etc. There really isn't anything else to worry about. Compared to other activities, walking requires very little essential equipment or skill and has no formal rules. Just be there to enjoy the company and the surroundings.

Can you tell me about accommodation or walking in the Cardiff area?
The best answer is to contact the Cardiff Tourist Information office in the Hayes, Cardiff. They have all the up to date details. I never stay in hotels or campsites in this area - after all, I live here!

Please can you put our notice / advert on your notice board?
We do not have a notice board. We do not even have any accommodation. No more than one tenth of our members are ever likely to gather in one place, so it is not really possible to pass on much information.