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PEASE NOTE: These routes are now several years old and details are likely to have changed. For more up to date suggestions, please see the more recent collection of leaflets. If you wish to attempt this route, comments made by previous walkers at the foot of the page may be helpful.
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This route explores some of the countryside around Marshfield. In places unspoilt, with sheep and cows grazing, while in other parts suffers from the proximity of the built up area squeezed between Cardiff and Newport. It is not walked often, so can be quite overgrown, but some secluded places with extensive views across the levels make this worth exploring, as it is quite different from most of the Cardiff surroundings.

Distance: 5 km (3 miles)
Difficulty: Easy
Start Point: Marshfield village hall [Grid Ref ST258816 ]
Maps: Landranger 171, Explorer 152

Getting there from Cardiff Central:
by bus: From Newport the infrequent 31 service goes to Marshfield (not Sunday). From Cardiff there is no service. Best option is to take a 30 (Cardiff / Newport) bus to Castleton, and start the walk at point E (Castleton village hall).
by car: Take the A48 (not A48M) to Castleton.Turn right to Marshfield and on reaching the village, right into St Mellons road. Either of two left turns leads to the village hall.

From the car park head around the playing fields to a kissing gate in the middle of the far side. Almost straight across the road walk into what looks like a private drive and go over a stile at the far right hand end of the car park. Go across to the far end of the field and over the stile.

Keep to the left hand edge of the next field, to reach a housing estate. Take the path to the left and then follow the road to the right until you come to the main through-road. Go left along the pavement for about 500m then turn left at a footpath sign into a tarmac drive.

The next part of the route is currently difficult to follow, mainly due to lack of use. While not wishing to discourage users (which only makes the problem worse), you may prefer to miss it out, and continue directly to point (E), by walking another 500m past the school and crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing.

Continue in the same direction past two wooden gates, through a large field past an old tree, and over two more stiles. Then through a gap in the hedge at the far right corner and on to the corner of the next field. Here, the path is crossed by an old track, but the route to the left is completely blocked by undergrowth and a fallen tree. It is possible to go into the next field and get back through a gap in the fence onto this track.

Over a stile into a large field, keep to the left side of the field and follow the hedge around several bends to an overgrown stile leading to a footbridge. Keep to the left of this field to a narow lane leading back onto the main road. Cross this road, going to the right a short way to a point where a footpath sign labelled "Coedkernew" points down a wide concrete drive.

On reaching a yard with metal railing, go to the left of the buildings, as indicated by a wooden footpath sign. Follow this lane to a stile leading into open fields, soon followed by another stile. Follow the hedge on the left to a gate, then go through this gate and over a footbridge. Bear to the right, keeping close to the hedge on your left, crossing another stile.

After passing a house, you come to a stile by a gate. Continue across a large field, over two more stiles, still keeping to the hedge on the left. The gates here bear the letters "GB", and are part of Gelli-Ber farm. The second of these leads over a footbridge, past some sheep pens and into another large field.

Mid-way through this field, cross over to the right, to a double stile to the left of a tree. Proceed along the left side of this field, into a second field where the far right corner leads onto a track. On the right, a field separates the track from the church yard. before the end of this field, a sort of stile lets you cross over to the church.

Leave the church yard by the main entrance, and turn left onto the road. Follow this road around a right hand bend, to the main road and across. after 150m turn left into Wellfield road, which leads back to the village hall.

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Current comments about the route:

Please note that the car park is locked when not in use. As an alternative there is limited roadside parking in the village, with space by the church.
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