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PEASE NOTE: These routes are now several years old and details are likely to have changed. For more up to date suggestions, please see the more recent collection of leaflets. If you wish to attempt this route, comments made by previous walkers at the foot of the page may be helpful.
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Radyr/St Fagans Circular

A pleasant countryside walk along little used public footpaths to the delightful village of St Fagans, with possible add-on visit to the unique National History Museum http://www.museumwales.ac.uk/en/stfagans/ . The walk has several challenges (gaps in waymarking; stiles to cross, crossing and walking busy lanes) and is best left to reasonably fit and experienced walkers.
A more up to date description of this route is available in our walks leaflet series.

Distance: 10 km (6 miles)
Difficulty: Moderate
Start Point: either Radyr Railway Station or Radyr village [Grid Ref ST134804 ]
Maps: Landranger 171, Explorer 151

Getting there from Cardiff Central:
by bus: Cardiff Bus No.33 from Cardiff Centre to Radyr village.
by train: Frequent trains to Radyr Railway Station from Cardiff Central

From Radyr railway station's main entrance turn first right and up into Station Road to reach junction with Heol Isaf.

Cross Heol Isaf at traffic light crossing, turn right, then an immediate left into Windsor Road. Forward along Windsor Road, taking wide path on left when road curves to the right. Just before a cycle barrier on the main path, take narrow path on your right. Follow path as it skirts the golf course keeping the hedge/trees close on your left. [Care: be watchful for golfers and golf balls]. At fork in path, keep left through wooded area and forward across lane and into another section of the golf course. Though footpath goes directly ahead to trees and then 90 degrees left for a stile in hedge, golfers would appreciate you keeping to the hedge on your left to reach the stile.

Cross stile and aim diagonally right to stile in corner of the field. Cross stile (taking due care as you'll be joining a busy road on a blind bend and without a pavement), cross the road to opening directly opposite and enter field. Head for waymark post directly opposite.

Forward into next field, then go diagonally left across field to reach stile "hidden" in the hedge opposite. Cross stile and descend to track. Turn right and forward on track curving left to reach bottom of field and a gap into the next field. Forward to waymark post directly ahead (just visible to walkers with 20:20 vision) and on to dismantled railway bridge.

After passing through dismantled railway bridge, cross stile and go forward with line of trees on your right to stile in hedge. Cross stile and head left in direction of transmitters to reach stile in hedge. Cross stile (or, if stile is overgrown with nettles, go through gap in hedge to the left of the stile) and forward keeping close to hedge on your right to reach stile and farm track, turning right to reach busy road. Turn left and forward into St Fagans, ignoring any side roads. [Care: approx. 10 minute walk along road without pavement, though right hand verge does permit walker to step off road]

In the delightful village of St Fagans you have a choice: either enter and explore the National History Museum (lots to see and you need to allocate several hours to do the museum justice); or restrict your exploration of St Fagans to visiting St Mary's Church and/or The Plymouth Arms and/or The Old Post Office tea rooms. To return to the walk, retrace your steps passing The Old Post Office and the Plymouth Arms on your right, take signed footpath on your right where the high wall ends and opposite Chestnut Cottage. Forward along path, cross road, resume grass surfaced path to reach a lane. Turn left along lane to reach a road, cross road and negotiate gate for path. Forward until you reach stile, but do not cross stile, turn left and follow path with low stone wall on your right until you reach a ladder-stile. Cross ladder-stile and head diagonally left for stile alongside gate giving access to road.

Cross stile and turn right down lane. Forward on lane for approx 5 minutes to stile on left in hedge. Cross stile and forward, keeping hedge on your left. Cross stile in corner of field, then right to cross another stile. Forward, heading towards pylon directly ahead, crossing bridge to your left, cross stile to reach dismantled railway.

Cross style beneath electric pylon, forward to join track going right. Remain on this track, passing another pylon on your right, and follow it to and through farmyard. At track junction, turn right and forward to stile alongside gate. (If stile has overgrowth, stay on track to reach road.) Cross stile and forward to stile on other side of the field. Cross stile, then road, and turn right. Forward along pavement to reach roundabout.

At roundabout cross Heol Isaf and go left to clear path between hedge and fence. Forward along path until reaching a crossing path with a kissing gate. Do not go through kissing gate, rather turn left. Just after a second kissing gate the path forks, go right and down, crossing stream to reach picnic area. At picnic area information board, go through kissing gate and left along path, passing children's play area on right, to reach road with former railway workers' cottages on your left. Along road to T-junction, turning left for railway station.

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Current comments about the route:

I tried the walk on 02/07/17. Part C - I was not able to find the waymark post directly opposite in the field, which was very frustrating. Part D - At the start of this section, I checked all of the surrounding hedges and was not able to find the 'hidden' stile. Not being able to locate the waymark post in part C did not help. I gave up after 40 minutes. Consulting Google Maps after arriving back home, I think I might have stumbled on the right track in part D and will re-try the walk. A review of sections C and D would be helpful.
- 2017-07-15

The part in ST Fagans is incredibly unclear. It says take a style on the left in the hedge Approx 5 mins walk) is this the stone style going into St Fagans Cricket Club? If so, that's only 30 secs away. Is it the gate in the hedge along the road? In the end we ended up walking along the Rd back to Radyr and so did 12 miles in all. Disappointed at the sparse instructions on this one otherwise very enJoyable up to a point
- 2016-10-30

26/07/2010 part D, is was so over grown (we just went there it on 26/07) couldn't see the(20:20 vision) post at all. Had to walk that entire side of the field to find a gap which was right at the end/ bottom corner then walk along the old railway line until the bridge
- 2010-06-27

We have re-written sections C and D, after checking the route. Hopefully it will be clearer now (the text, that is; - we cant guarantee the state of the path!)
Mike (Cardiff Ramblers) - 2008-09-29

The opening to the field off Llantrisant Rd is very overgrown and almost invisable, however by walking up the road 50yds you can enter via a gate. At D, where the track branches and you follow the track down to the disused railway line, the track has a string of barbed wire across. You can duck under this and it may not be a permanent feature. The field it leads into is used by a motor cross (or something similar) team who race there approx once a fortnight. Depending on the route they use round the field and through the woods, you may not be able to walk this track. We couldn't but by timing our run right got half way down and then turned up through the wooded area on a track used by the team and therefore very muddy and rutted. We were then able to find our way down to the railway and walk back along the disused track till we were back on trail. This added a good mile to the walk. Otherwise this is a nice easy walk with lots of interesting features.
- 2008-06-16