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PEASE NOTE: These routes are now several years old and details are likely to have changed. For more up to date suggestions, please see the more recent collection of leaflets. If you wish to attempt this route, comments made by previous walkers at the foot of the page may be helpful.
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St Mellons Walk - Hendre Lakes through Old St Mellons, parish Church

Probably best described as an urban walk through an old country village. Despite the large number of new houses a lot of wildlife can still be seen in St Mellons especially to the eastern fringe: Foxes, Rabbits, Squirrels, Buzzards, Herons, Moorhens, Swans, Mallards, Woodpeckers and many other birds are a common sight. Hendre Lakes Park lies within the Gwent Levels SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest), designated due to the many rare and protected plants and species, especially relating to the reens, historic ditches that cross the area. Some rare species can be found in the park including newts. For those requiring refreshment The Fox And Hounds, Star Inn, White Hart, Blue Bell Inn and Heron Marsh are all situated on or can be seen from the route.

Distance: 8 km (5 miles)
Difficulty: Easy
Start Point: Hendre Lakes car park [Grid Ref ST246805 ]
Maps: Landranger 171, Explorer 151

Getting there from Cardiff Central:
by bus: Nos 44 44b 45 45b The bus route runs along the Northern perimeter of the park (Willowbrook Drive). The bus stop nearest the main entrance is Sandbrook Road. After alighting walk along Sandbrook Road to Cypress Drive (225 yards) then turn right and walk along Cypress Drive for 360 yards until seeing the entrance sign to Hendre Lakes on you left.
by car: East out of Cardiff on A48/Newport Road to St Mellons, to 2nd roundabout sign posted. Turn right (third exit) into Cypress Drive, continue to the end of the road (1 mile) and enter Hendre Lakes car park - entrance on the left before entering Water Avens Close. Alternatively out of Cardiff along Eastern Avenue. Take the St Mellons exit. Then cross the roundabout (second exit) onto Cypress Drive and travel for 1 mile to the entrance to Hendre Lakes Car Park.

From Hendre Lakes car park, follow the path clockwise for about 450 yds around the bottom half of the lake. Continue right on the lake path for 200 yds, keeping the houses to your left.

Leave the lake path at the corner near the jetty, and proceed north along the path between 2 sets of houses (close on the left, further away on the right). Continue along this path for 350 yds to the main road (Willowbrook Drive). Cross over the road and continue along the path directly opposite for 75 yds.

Take the second left turn into Wern Gethin Lane. Continue 800 yrds to the end of the lane. Take the footpath to your right down to the underpass (100 yards) going under Willowbrook Drive.

Go through the underpass, then take the footpath to your right, crossing Crickhowell Road. Continue along the footpath immediately opposite for 100 yds, keeping the trees to your right. Take the right fork and continue along the footpath for 175 yds, keeping the trees to your left, until you come to some back garden fences. Continue for about 60 yds, keeping the fences to your right, until you come to Elmfield Close. Head for the entrance to Elmfield Close. Turn left and take the footpath immediately in front of you through a green open space/park. Continue straight along the footpath for 400 yds, arriving at Greenway Road. Turn left and contuinue along Greenway Road for 100 yds to the zebra crossing.

Cross, then double back for 150 yds along Greenway Road. Turn into the footpath on your left just past Canopus Close.

This is Bethania Row. Continue along onto Chapel Row. You will pass the Fox and Hounds on your right and the cenotaph on your left. At the end of the row turn right onto Newport Road (A48) and walk to the pedestrian crossing (170 yards)

Cross here then double back towards the Star Inn. Turn right onto Church Lane walking past the old bakery on your left and the old school house on your right. Continue to follow the lane crossing Courtenay Close. The churchyard is on your left. Go through the iron gate into the churchyard and walk towards the church. The church was built in 1360 but it is thought that an earlier Norman church had existed on this site. Enjoy the views across the Bristol Channel. Then continue past the church back onto Church Lane walking past two attractive houses on your left and through an iron gate entering the green space overlooking Llanrumney.

Enjoy the outstanding view looking out towards Cefn Mably as you cross this space leading onto Bluebell Drive. Go right along Bluebell Drive to Mill Lane , the first turning on your right.

Walk the length of Mill Lane (300 yards) reaching Ty Winch Road(B4562). Turn left and walk for 250 yards until you see Wern Fawr Lane on your right.

Cross Ty Winch road and walk the length of Wern Fawr Lane (600 yards) reaching Newport Road(A48). Turn left onto Newport Road and walk to the pedestrian crossing. Cross and then walk towards Vaendre Lane (facing you).

Walk for 675 yard along the length of Vaendre Lane crossing Heritage Park (twice) and Lytham Grove until the path forks. Take the right fork and keep working your way around the back garden fences to your right until reaching an underpass below Cypress Drive.

Go through the underpass and continue along the path (you're still on Vaendre Lane), after 225 yards it will come out onto a new road with new housing on either side. This is still Vaendre Lane and continue along it for 150 yards until you reach a T junction. The entrance to the Golf Club is opposite. Turn right onto Vaendre Close and walk for 125 yards until reaching another T junction. Turn right onto Pascal Close and walk for 30 yards until you are standing in front of the Heron Marsh, facing Fountain Lane.

Cross here and take the footpath at the entrance to Fountain Lane on the right which leads around a pond. Walk for 125 yards around the pond (anticlockwise) until coming to a footpath on the right. Walk along this footpath for 50 yards, leading to an underpass.

Go through the underpass and turn left then walk for 125 yards and turn left onto Cypress Drive. Go right along Cypress Drive for 525 yards, crossing Maes-Y-Crochan, until you reach Sandbrook Road roundabout . Cross Sandbrook Road here and keep walking along Cypress Drive for another 130 yards until you see a farm gate on your left.

Cross Cypress Drive ( it isn't busy at this end) and you will see a second gate. Go through the gate which is farthest from the road (remembering to close it behind you). With your back to the gate take the footpaths ahead of you making your way along them until you reach the reen (135 yards).

Now turn right and walk along the footpath next to the reen. It eventually becomes a gravel path and keep walking along it until it brings you back to Hendre Lakes car park.

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