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PEASE NOTE: These routes are now several years old and details are likely to have changed. For more up to date suggestions, please see the more recent collection of leaflets. If you wish to attempt this route, comments made by previous walkers at the foot of the page may be helpful.
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Wenvoe West Circular

An easy walk from the village of Wenvoe, 8 kilometres west of Cardiff. The walk route is mainly through agricultural land but includes a woodland and a small part of a golf course. It passes through the St. Lythans neolithic burial site with its prominent stone entrance and also alongside Dyffryn Gardens, well worth a visit if you have the time. In 1995 the route was improved by the local authority, is well waymarked and generally good underfoot.

Distance: 8 km (5 miles)
Difficulty: Grade D
Start Point: St Marys church, Wenvoe [Grid Ref ST123726 ]
Maps: Landranger 171, Explorer 151

Getting there from Cardiff Central:
by bus: From Central Station, service no. 353. Call 01222 396521 for times.
by car: A4161 through Canton and Ely, A48 to Culverhouse Cross, then A4050 to Wenvoe Village. Park near St. Marys Church.

From the church walk into Wallston Road and turn left into Clos Llanfair thence into a short cut de sac on the right, look for paved path in left corner. Follow the path to rear of houses and go through gap in fence into a cultivated field. Follow the right hand edge of the field for 200 metres, look for a gap in the hedge just before the field path turns sharply left. Go through the gap into a small wood and to a visible stile ahead. Go over the stile, turn left and walk across the field in the direction of an electric pylon to reach a stile in the far right corner of the field. Cross the stile into Burdonshill Lane, turn right and walk up hill passing houses on both sides to reach a kissing gate on left leading onto the course of Wenvoe Golf Club.

Keeping to the right hand edge of the fairway, walk west following waymark posts, In 250 metres turn right onto clearly defined downward path into Goldland Wood. Follow path around to the left with hedge to right to reach a stile on right which leads into a small field. Walk diagonally to another, clearly visible, stile and then a further stile/gate. Cross both stiles into a large field: with hedge to left walk to next stile and gate, thence to a further stile and gate. Cross stile and walk north west. with hedge to left initially, but gradually moving right to cross one stile and then very soon through a field gate and then another gate into a metalled farm yard, Maes y Felin Farm. Walk through the farmyard and onto driveway to reach a visible stile ahead. Cross the stile and then the field, bearing slightly left, to reach a kissing gate which leads to the road. (Look for the St. Lythans neolithic burial ground standing stones as you walk across the field).

Turn left at road and walk to a T-junction in 150 metres where you turn right, signposted Dyffryn Gardens. Walk for 800 metres: after passing North Lodge, the entrance to Dyffryn Gardens, look, ignoring footpath sign on right immediately opposite North Lodge, but in 120 metres, for a stile on right, also with a footpath sign. Cross the stile, walk up gentle rise aiming slightly to left of of Wenvoe T.V. transmitter mast, clearly seen, to reach a group of tall trees on the left and thence to a stile in left hand corner of field. Cross the stile, turn right and follow the right hand hedge to a second stile/gate. Cross stile and continue along the hedge on the right to yet another stile ahead and thence to yet another. Over this stile too and pass an electricity pylon on your right walking towards the still visible T.V. transmitter.

Where the hedge turns right, carry on ahead into shallow wooded hollow arid thence up a slight rise to reach a hidden, small metal gate. Do not go through this gate. Turn right and go through a wooden gate onto a clearly defined path through Coed Nant Bran wood and in 500 metres reach a stile and gate. Cross the stile and follow the hedge to the left to reach Lodge House farm ahead. (At the time of writing the public footpath is obstructed at the farm perimeter fence: should this still be the case,. make your way to the left of the fenced barn to reach a tall metal gate on the right just beyond a second gap in the hedge). Go through the metal gate onto the driveway (a public right of way) and walk south to the road. Cross road and over stile. Walk ahead with hedge to right to a second stile, cross this and continue ahead to a metal gate in hedge ahead. Turn left before the gate and walk with hedge to right to reach a lane via gate/stile exit from field.

In the lane turn left, walk along clear path through Wenvoe Wood for 350 metres to reach a stile which leads into a field with a bungalow to the right. Continue ahead to a second stile, in right hand corner of field. Cross stile and on to another stile leading into a small fir plantation. Go through the plantation. passing an electricity line pole,. to reach a stile which leads to a field and thence to a track to Wallston. At the track turn right, then immediately left onto a concealed path to the left of a stone wall by the house. Follow the path with the wall to the right, pass rear of outbuildings on right before gradually descending to the entrance to Whitehall Quarry (disused) via stone steps.

Turn right, cross the visible stile and walk along the road (Wallston Road) for 800 metres back to St. Marys Church.

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Current comments about the route:

The end of the walk - point d onwards was not as described. It was easier, after the Lodge farm yard, when on the main lane, rather than take the path/stile directly across the road, to turn left and head towards Twyn yr Odyn for around 500m and take the path/bridal way sighnposted on the right, back into Wenvoe via the woodland and into Plough Lane.
- 2011-04-18